Thursday Bingo Promotions

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Visit our Newsletter Section regularly to check out our latest tournaments or chat specials in addition to our regular promotion specials below! All the times are listed as E.S.T.

Turn your nights into the best bingo experience with the Candlelight Delight promo - a night rush of cash games and bonus awards, with dancing games, coveralls, fixed prize games and high - low games every day between 2 AM EST and 7 AM EST in the Afterhours Lounge Room. Click here to read more.


Mid Day Specials!

Every Thursday, from 9 AM to 10 AM EST, and from 12 PM to 1 PM EST, make sure you visit our Dollar Room, as we will be featuring two whole hours of $500 fixed prizes!

Ladies Day!

It's time to win; it's time to show 'em what you got Ladies! Our regular promo for the day is 160% bonus for every deposit you make. Now, for those ladies out there, we will give a 188% bonus on all your deposits of $100 or more!
* We can do even better, so click here and ask for an account manager to get the best value for your deposits!
*Regular Rules apply.


We have wonderful news for our Fair and Square Room enthusiasts! Enjoy the perfect world of bingo and be by our side in the Team Bingo Smackdown! Get together with 3 other bingo players, register your team, and be the ones that win most games this Thursday, between 12 AM and 10 PM EST in our Fair and Square bingo room. The number one team will receive an outstanding $3,000 CASH prize!!

Don't miss out! Log in and take part in this competition! Please feel free to click here for further information.

Funny Farm Morning Rally – Quarter Room (8AM - 10AM EST) 

Be the winner of the most Bingos in chat during this time period (8AM - 10AM EST) and win a $100 Bonus! In the event of a tie, 2-3 winners get $50, 4 or more winners receive $25

• Thursday Night Rally

Quarter Room - Funny Farm: 6 PM - 10 PM EST.

All players who bingo on any number will win a bonus of $25!

**The player(s) who win(s) the most bingos from 6 PM - 10 PM EST will win a bonus prize of $200! (If more than one winner, the amount will be split)

**Nabors win too -the person above and below you on the chatter list will receive a $10 in bingo bucks.