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1. A "Bingo Bonus" or "Bingo Buck", ("BB" or "Bonus") represents a free value that can be awarded by the Company to the Account Holder based on his/her deposits, as a Prize for playing Chat Games in the Chat rooms as well as for other Promotions.

2. The Company provides different types of Bonuses. The Sign-Up Bonus will be credited after the profile information has been completed and the e-mail has been validated. The First deposit Bonus will be credited upon completion of a first successful deposit and, on each further deposit, the Company may credit other Bonuses based on daily or VIP Promotions. If all Rules apply after a successful first deposit, Bonuses and Chat Game Bonuses become immediately available.

  • 2.1 Sign-Up Bonus Promotions ("Sign-Up Promotions") will be credited only once and will be awarded according to the received promotion. Players are not entitled to receive two simultaneous Sign-Up Promotions. BingoHall will credit only the first one to which the Account Holder was referred; all other Sign-Up Promotions will become void.
  • 2.2 Winnings earned from the Sign-Up Bonus cannot be redeemed or exchanged for a Prize (with the exception of special promotions, which will have a dedicated Code).
  • 2.3 Once the Member makes the first deposit, previous winnings made from Sign-Up Bonuses will be voided, as they are considered free and have no actual value.
  • 2.4 The "Cash Back Bonus" is a monetary reward representing a certain amount of the deposit money that has been put into the Games, which can be claimed back by the Member.
  • 2.5 Cash Back Bonuses shall be credited only in cases where the Member lost the corresponding deposit.
  • 2.6 All Bonus money will be cleared from an Account if there has been no activity for six (6) months in a row.

3. BingoHall does not tolerate the abuse of Bonuses. Any Bonus abuse will result in the closing of the Account.

4. BingoHall reserves the right to allow Bonus abusers in the system if the Player remains active but will no longer take advantage of Bonus promotions or Chat Bonuses. In such cases, the maximum deposit Bonus available is 10%, the Accounts will be downgraded back to the first VIP level "Bingo Basic", and the standard rules will apply to them.

5. Since BingoHall is aware of the fact that some free Bonus links may be posted on other sites or on other forums and that players may send the information received from the website to others, should there be enough grounds to prove that a Player has not received that particular Promotion through exclusive means and that the Bonus was already credited and/or used, the payout requests will not be honored. This applies regardless of having met wagering criteria or not.

6. An Account Holder's identity will be determined on a basis of all information, or on a combination of the following information: name, mailing address, email address, IP address, credit/debit card number, computer and any other type of identification that may possibly be required. Thus, an Account Holder is eligible only for promotions/Bonuses on one Account across the BingoHall Network and will count only for the first Account created.