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28 testimonials from our users
shedell December 14, 2015
I thank you very much for the gifts that have been bestow upon me. I'am very luck to be in your heart for the holidays and beyond. thanks to u and your crew.
baxcoo August 22, 2015
I only started playing in July, I have to commend the CM's, they answer all the questions that the new users to bingo hall throw at them. They are very respectful, patient and professional in guiding the newcomers the best they can. I don't win much but I have a great time and respect for them. Fortunately, I read all the rules and fax's, it would make the CM's life easier if all new players did the same before jumping into the games. Thank you CM's for giving me enjoyable days and sometimes nights.
indared February 07, 2015

just wanted to say glad to be back after taking a longgggg vacation from BH. I love the chat rooms and the interactions between CMs and players.. It really is a fun place to be!!! And , well, winning is the the best! Keep doing the great job you're doing BH!

1 2go February 03, 2015
To the CM's: I want to extend my appreciate to the great CM's and bingohall. I walked in the door in 2006 and you have earned my appreciation for a job well done. I do not chat much, as I am a player who likes to daub my cards the old fashioned way, so even though I have been here a long time, you may not hear from me much, but I just want to say "thank you" for your hard work, your humor and your guidance.
teresareber January 28, 2015
i just started playing.. love it!!!!
d200266 January 26, 2015
And u Guessed it ? .....bingo hall is amazing online cash games thanks ..Bingo hall Keep up the good work Amazing cash