Welcome to our Jet Set Club, a private area for members who have earned access to our Jet Set Room based on the performance of their VIP level!

The rules are the same; however, VIP players inside the Jet Set Club have higher chances to win and receive more benefits!

BingoHall members who have reached the following VIP levels are entitled 
to enter the Jet Set Room:

Jet Set VIP levels

  • Bingo Gold
  • Bingo Platinum
  • Bingo Prince/Princess
  • Bingo King/Queen
  • Bingo Champion
  • Bingo Master

Hours of Operation

Tuesdays: 7 PM to 11 PM EST
Thursdays: 7 PM to 11 PM EST
Saturdays: 5 PM to 9 PM EST
Sundays: 5 PM to 9 PM EST

Privileges & Benefits:

  • Card cost ‑ $0,75, with a maximum of 24 cards that can be acquired;
  • Progressive Jackpot Games only at the Jet Set Room;
  • • Games with prizes of $750 on every 5th call;
  • • Our famous Reverse Coverall games;
  • Unlimited Bingo Bucks in the Jet Set Room;
  • • Personal VIP Manager;
  • • Senior Chat Monitors;
  • Points multipliers in Slots Tournaments;

* The Management reserves the right to allow or deny access to the Jet Set Room to any member at any time, without any explanations required.

For any questions or comments, contact our VIP Department at account‑ or vip‑  or 1‑888‑532‑1906

Any question or comment
contact our VIP Managers at
or 1-888-532-1913