Come down and join us for an online bingo take on a game of monopoly! You can play every day in the Supernova Room from 6PM to 9PM EST! Don’t be late – the prizes are great!

Get BBs As You Search!

Every bingo means another move around the Gildopoly board – and every move means another shot at BBS! Each space on the board has a new BBS prize to try for. When you’re moving and hit yourself a bingo on number 56, our team takes the last digit of your number – 6 – and let you hop ahead 6 spaces. This sets you on your way to your next bingo, when you’ll head even further forward towards more BBS!

• Housing properties: When you collect all the BB’s properties with values from 50-150 you will receive 200BBS!   

• “Kaching!” Manor:   First 5 players that type 'I LOVE BBS' get 30BBS!

• BBs Making Laboratory: What does the big red button do? Just press it, blow up his lab and get 45BBS for you and 45BBS for your nabors - 2 Up & 2 Down!

• Jackpot: starts out at 30BBS and gets bigger and bigger!

• Chatter's Chest: be active, the first 5 players that type 'grab' get 30BBS!

• Gilda's Chance: CM will draw from a variety of cards for you!

• Gilda's Corner: If you get here, you have to pay your bail to get out, so the next time you bingo, the win from the space where you land will actually go to the JACKPOT. But, look at the bright side, you're adding more to the JACKPOT! If you land on Chatter's Chest or The Jackpot - we'll add 30BBS to the JACKPOT!

• Coverall Cave: Win 100BBS for you and your nabors!

• Cash out Cottage: You get BBs based on the last number you bingoed on to arrive here! Nabors get it too: 1 Up & 1 Down.

• Train Platform 9 and 3/4: You'll get on the train and go on a marvelous vacation on Treasure Island! We have no idea how a train can get to the island in the middle of the ocean but that's not the point!

• Treasure Island: Try to find one of Gilda's treasures because they are buried somewhere around here! Prizes between 30 and 100BBS! Bingo winner needs to pick a number from 1 to 5.


Nabor means: The nearest to the winning player/s in the player's list - one up and one down - if neither of the 2 responds - the CM can take the next ones in line. (Max 2 up , 2 down)

If the Bingo Winner is OOC - We will move the pawn according to the last number of the game and add that amount from the space to the JP and reward the same amount to the first 3 players who type OOC after the CM calls OOC.

If the Bingo Winner is OOC and wins the JP or the 200bbs from collecting all housing spaces of the same color - We add 50bbs to JP.

If the Bingo Winner is in chat but does not respond - We will reward only the nabors - if active.

If the Bingo Winner is in chat, wins the JP but does not respond - We add 50bbs to JP.

On free games (from promos) - We won't move the pawn and won't reward bbs.

For Risky Cards the CM uses a random number generator site.

1. - Take a friend with you and go forward 2 spaces. Your nabors will get that prize also!
2. - Go forward 3 spaces! Nabors get the prize too!
3. - Go to Gilda's Corner! The Bingo police took you by surprise so you dropped 150 BBs in the process - they were stolen by your nabors 1 Up & 1 Down
4. - 30 BBS for you and all the players that have their alias starting with the same letters as you do!
5. - Stay where you are for one game but get the prize of your case again for you and your nabors!
6. - Go visit the pandas and keep them some company in their lovely Bamboo Palace! Pandas are known to be very giving creatures so your nabors - 2 up and 2 down will get the case prize too! Love Pandas!
7. - A special treat for you. Put on your best disco clothes and hop on down to the Otter Dance Club where you will get to enjoy some cool beats…As long as the otter’s weasly enemy doesn’t sabotage his sound system…again.
8. - Take a trip to the BBs Making Laboratory. Because you are the DEA, yeah…Totally. Share the amount of the case's BBs with your nabors! (We said share the BBS, not the evidence)
9. - Get out of the Corner free card.
10. - Tired of living on Earth? Does this planet bore you to tears? Well hop on Darth Vader’s Death Star spaceship and get ready for a trip that’s out of this world! Bad puns and BBS for your NABORS included! No guarantee that you won’t get stuck on Mars.
11. - Get ready and head out to Roach Motel from where you can actually check out, we promise unlike Bates Motel! Share your totally not horrible experience (BBS) with your nabors!
12. - Run to the CMs 5-O hideout! Lay low and fill your pockets with the prize from this case while doubling it for your nabors, just to be sure that they won’t squeal to the coppers where you are hiding.
13. - 80BBs for you and your nabors!
14. - 80BBs for you and one of your friend!
15. - Go to the Jewelery Store! Your 2 nabors up will get half the prize!
16. - Elected Chairman of the Board: Pay Each Active Player 30BBs!
17. - Grand opera Night - collect 1BBs from every player in chat for opening night seats! Who wants a ticket? You will share the amount with your nabors - 2 up and 2 down You're a gang! (number of players in chat)
18. - Go to the South Park Crib – Well, your tongue is stuck to a pole, but at least you won the BBS from this case for you and your nabors! Good luck with the whole tongue unsticking thing though…
19. - Gilda left her purse on the table and wouldn’t you know it? You have sticky fingers. 150BBS for you and your nabors.