Grand Million Dollar
Party - Gilda's Return

She’s back and so are
the awesome prizes!

Our new Million Dollar Party host is none other than the infamous Gilda, who will be the virtual caller for the new event that takes place on May 24th, between 9PM and 3AM EST! Don’t let her ruin your fun! Party with us and watch out for the $10.000 hidden prize every 5th call during speed games!


One hour of Speed Games
with a fixed prize of


every 5th call

reaching up to


For the whole event
you’ll get:

16 cards FREE

for every 20 bought

Gilda's Hidden Prize


on every 5th call

Fireworks Pattern pattern
with a fixed prize of


on all calls every hour

2 Speedy Coveralls
per hour with:


on the first 50 calls per hour

Unlimited BBs
during the party

50 BBs

per correct chat game claim

Don’t let Gilda steal the show