Get Ready For the Real Cash Battle!

Attention, bingo warriors! The Team Bingo Smackdown is on fire so gather up and get your game together for the huge $3,000 CASH prize. Prove that you’ve got what it takes to be a true leader and make your team cash out in style!

Let the Smackdown Begin!


In order to enroll in this awesome online bingo event, follow these simple steps:

1. Recruit 3 other friends for your team of fearless online bingo warriors!

2. Send us an email at with your team’s name and team member aliases, between Friday and Tuesday;

3. Join our Fair and Square room on Thursday between 12 AM and 10 PM EST and win the most games!


•The teams and their members will be displayed on the blog on Wednesday. The list will be updated with the final team points on Friday at 12 AM EST and the members of the winning team will be credited accordingly.
•One win(point) is represented by one unique combination of player name and game number(if a player wins a game number with 2 cards, it will be considered as one win; 2 players winning same game number will count as 2 wins, one for each player)
•In order for a team to qualify, each team member must participate in the event and must have at least 3 games played in the above specified timeframe. The prize will be divided equally between the team members.
•A team will not be eligible if any of the members' aliases is given incorrectly and the error is not rectified by the time the contest starts. If a member belongs to more than one team, the second team will need to find a new member before the contest starts or it will not be entered in the competition. Team information will not be changed after the contest starts.
•For equal chances, the contest will take place in our Fair and Square room every week.
•In case of a tie, the first team member to win a game after the specified timeframe has ended will determine the winning team and the contest will last until one of the teams is declared victorious.
•At least 2 teams are required for the contest to take place.
•None of the winners from the previous week are allowed to take part in the current contest.
•All members of the winning team require a cash deposit in the last 7 days previous to the event in order for the group to be credited.