Get Ready For the Supreme Team Clash!

All smackdown players are invited to enter the battle for bingo supremacy! Players who took part in our online Team Bingo Smackdown Tournament during the current month are free to join our Dollar Room between 6 PM and 9 PM EST, every Saturday, at the end of each month!

Be the Next smackdown-playoffs Champion!

If you have a thirst for competition, then prepare for this tough bingo wrestle! The more rounds you win, the closer you get to our glorifying prizes:









Let the smackdown-playoffs begin!



*Regular rules apply.
*All players selected to take part in the Smackdown-playoffs will be announced on our blog on the Friday previous to the event.
*The winners and the points per each player will be listed on a scoreboard posted on the blog and credited in the Monday following the competition.
* One win(point) is represented by one unique combination of player name and game number(if a player wins a game number with 2 cards, it will be considered as one win; 2 players winning same game number will count as 2 wins, one for each player)
*In case of a tie, the first player to win a game after the specified timeframe has ended will outrun the competitor(s) s/he is at tie with.
*A deposit of minimum $100 is required for players who did not take part in the current month’s Team Bingo Smackdown Tournament. Please send an email to no later than the Thursday previous to the event in order to participate in this online bingo promotion. The deposit must be made between Monday and Thursday, in the week previous to the Playoffs.