The Supernova Jackpot worth $1,000,000 was awarded on
December 29th

Q: Congratulations RedKettle22! How does it feel to win the astronomical Supernova Jackpot on bingo and become an overnight millionaire?

A: It feels incredible! To be honest, it still hasn't properly sunk in almost two weeks later; it's as if I'm dreaming!

Q: How much will this win change your life?

A: It means everything! We're used to saving all year for a vacation, and really had to watch our spending to make sure we could provide for the family. Now we can relax and enjoy life all the better, help our kids out and plan for a better future!

Q: That's great, we're so pleased for you! How long have you been a bingo member?

A: It'll be four years in April, and I'm so glad I chose you guys!

Q: We're so happy to have you! And finally, what encouraging words of advice do you have for other bingo players?

A: Just keep enjoying your bingo and eventually you will land a big jackpot! Anyone can be a winner like me!!!

What an incredible story! We're so happy for our winner and it seems like this win will benefit her and her loved ones in equal measure!

Stay tuned throughout 2018 for more amazing bingo tournaments and promotions, including more huge jackpots! Could our next bingo millionaire be you?