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Anti-Spam Policies

What is spam?

We refer to spam as being the commercial or unsolicited bulk email. Most of the recipients may find them irrelevant, intrusive and even offensive, depending on the product or service they are promoting. Spam is also known as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). As opposed to spam, the solicited email is expected, personal and related to one’s own activity or interests.

Anti-spam laws

As far as legislation goes, these provisions may vary from one country to another. Even so, the definition of spam is the same, what is perceived as being spam is the same thing and the right to recipients’ privacy is protected in the same way.

As far as protection methods are concerned, reporting spam is one way to go. Simply deleting them is just a way in which the inbox is cleared but it is not a way to prevent it. Another option for recipients consists in the filtering of emails. They allow the user to create a white and a black list of email addresses. More efficient, on the other hand, is the spam blocker.

Our spam policy

BingoHall adheres to a very strict protocol when it comes to the protection of the rights of customers. All members, all over the world can rest assured of the fact that our anti-spam policies are executed at the highest standards.

How BingoHall avoids spamming

BingoHall uses its marketing tools to ensure that the emails sent out have full recipient consent. Here are some of our rules and procedures to avoid spamming:

  • Unsubscription: All of our emails contain an unsubscribe link which allow users to remove us from their mailing list at any time. The removal intent is then verified and the user is asked to confirm.
  • Subscription: We rest assured that when you will need to hear from us again, you have all of the necessary tools to get back in touch. Re-subscription is available at any time.
  • Zero tolerance for purchased email lists: Out of respect for our community members and all other users, BingoHall does NOT purchase lists from third parties, nor does it give away any such information regarding its own members. All subscribers are members who have opted-in and their data is protected in accordance to the law.

Agreement and notification

The Terms of Use that you have agreed to when you register at BingoHall state that you will receive promotional and notification emails on a regular basis; customers who do not wish to receive such emails may still agree to our Terms and Conditions and use our services. The ability to opt-in or opt-out will always be present when you register at BingoHall.